online language courses,
original curricula,
individual approach

Peeping Cat is an online language school created by Daria Abramova suitable for people of various age and language levels. All classes are held online, and everything you need to start leaning a foreign language are stable Internet connection, a camera, a microphone… and, of course, a desire to learn! 

Why you should choose my online courses?

No need to drive anywhere

My courses are 100% online. All classes are held on Zoom.

Individual approach

All study materials are adjusted to your pace of learning, as well as to your goals.

Original curricula

All courses' curricula are made by me and are shaped by many years of experience in teaching foreign languages. Doesn't matter, whether you want to learn a language from a scratch or you already know some basics – I'll help you improve your knowledge!

Motivation and efficiency

All classes are individual (1-on-1) and are held in a comfortable environment. My goal is to not only teach you a course material, but also to motivate you to learn through various everyday topics and to make it clear that knowledge is not a goal in itself but a tool to better understand the life and expand your world view.